Pooch Hall - Tia Mowry returnig for The Game series finale

Derwin and Med School are coming back to “The Game!

While presenting during the 2015 BET Awards, Pooch Hall announced he and Tia Mowry-Hardrict would be returning for the final season of “The Game!

On August 5, Pooch and Tia will reprise their roles as Melanie Barnett aka “Med School” and Derwin Davis for the 90-minute series finale.

In 2012, both stars departed from the show leaving fans in angst and the show’s ratings in struggleville. It was a decision Tia said left her in tears.

When I didn’t go back, I cried. I felt so connected to the character, and I wasn’t ready for her to end.

Pooch left for greener pastures, a role on Showtime’s hit series, “Ray Donovan,” as Liev Schreiber’s half-brother, Daryll. But, he says they owe it to their fans to return to the show.

Every day on social media, I’m asked, ‘When are you and Tia going back?’ We really owe this to the fans.

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