Uzo Aduba, who brilliantly slays the role of “Crazy Eyes” on “Orange is the New Black,” stopped by “Good Morning America” on Wednesday and revealed the hit Netflix series has been renewed for a fourth season. *cheers*

Season 4 is now the new news. In June we’re going to go back to work. Netflix just let us know we’re going to be doing a new season.

The Emmy award-winning actress shared her thoughts on why she thinks “OITNB” is so popular among their viewers.

I think people find themselves surprisingly relating to a lot of these characters.

It’s not just exclusively about inmates. These are people’s mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, neighbors, employees, and people can relate to those struggles and the challenges of just trying to make it through every day. And I think also it’s this idea that good people– good people– can make mistakes.

Watch Uzo Aduba’s interview on “GMA,” where she also reveals she’ll be running in the Boston Marathon below.

I absolutely heart Uzo! This is only the beginning of great things to come for her.

Here’s a clean version of the “Orange is the New Black” season 3 sneak peek.

Orange is the New Black” season 3 drops on June 12! Will you be watching?