The game of musical chairs continues on “The View.” A week after Rosie Perez announced her departure, Nicolle Wallace has been axed from the show.

Via Deadline:

The former communications chief for George W. Bush and senior adviser for the McCain-Palin campaign, who famously was played by Sarah Paulson in HBO’s Emmy-winning Game Change was selected as the resident Republican on the show in September. While political insiders wondered what she was smoking when she accepted the clown-car gig in the first place, sources tell Deadline that producers decided Wallace was not a good fit for the show because she did not disagree strongly with the other co-hosts as often as hoped — and was not particularly well-versed on celebrities and things pop culture.

Loosely translated: Wallace was not up to speed on the Kardashians and not shrill enough to be The View’s conservative talking head, which is rich, because being a not-shrill conservative is kind of Wallace’s thing.

The scoop on the street is Nicolle may be replaced by former “Full House” star Candace Cameron Bure. Producers of the show feel Candace is conservative and opinionated enough to get the job done.

On the bright side, Nicolle may drop in from time to time as a guest host.

At this point, “The View” needs to let it go…just like another love TKO.


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