Taken - Amanda Warren
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Gaius Charles On ‘Taken’ Episode 9

Can you believe we are ONE week away from the season finale of “Taken?!”

Boy, has it been one heck of a ride as week after week we’ve watch Bryan Mills and the ODNI squad strategize, saves lives, kick butt and collect names!

In this week’s episode, titled “Gone,” Bryan had his work cut out for him as he had the task of saving a fellow agent’s kidnapped husband while trying to prevent Mejia from escaping during a prison transfer.

Amanda Warren (“The Leftovers“) starred as Marie Salt, the FBI agent whose husband had been taken. Talk about all kinds of strength, courage, and vulnerability as she handled her responsibilities as an agent while trying to save her husband.

The good news is Bryan and the team were able to save the husband.

But, the stakes got high and the leverage switched up when Mejia’s crew scooped the ultimate bargaining chip…Asha (Brooklyn Sudano).

I gotta give my girl credit. She put up a good fight, but in the end…she was taken.

Taken - Asha- Brooklyn Sudano


Nothing was as painful as watching Bryan Mills let the man responsible for killing his sister go in order to save the woman he now loves.


During our weekly pow wow with “Taken” star Gaius Charles, he was asked how he feels about being a part of a show where there is no lack of melanin.

He beamed with pride as he said:

Overall, I just feel like that’s one of the big sources of pride in the show for me. We’re on a show and doing a series where we have so much diversity that diversity has almost become cliché as a word…a descriptive word. Let’s say, ‘inclusive casting’ or ‘normative casting’ that reflects real life.

To be on a show and to be working on material where you have so many characters of color and not some stereotypical kind of scenario is amazing.

It’s like awesome!

I’ll end this post with a sneak peek of the “Taken” season finale…



It’s about to go down!

Taken” airs on Monday nights at 10/9c right after “The Voice.”

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