Gaius Charles Gives The Scoop On 'Taken' Episode 5

Gaius Charles On ‘Taken’ Episode 5

Monday night’s episode of “Taken” was absolutely insane.

In episode 5, titled “A Clockwork Swiss,” Bryan and the team staged a bank heist after uncovering a conspiracy to short U.S. financial markets.

The shocking twist at the end made me snatch and toss my own imaginary wig! I was seriously not ready.

It was a big night for Gaius Charles‘ character, John, who rocked a designer suit, spoke other languages, engaged in hand-to-hand combat, and he even got shot “by some punk.”

While chatting with Gauis during our weekly post-“Taken” pow wow, he shared what he loved most about the episode:

What I most enjoyed was being able to show the audience that we’re not just a show that’s limited to the concept of the movie. Every episode is not about some helpless person getting taken.

For me, it was really cool just as an actor and someone who’s a really huge fan of action films – I got a chance to do a lot of that stuff!

The car chase…I got to shoot’em up…the hand-to-hand combat in the bank vault…I got to do really cool stuff.

Even hanging on to life! To me, those were the things that were really exciting about the episode!

Gauis also gave us the scoop on next week’s episode that will offer a deeper look into his character as John goes back to his hometown and attempts to resolve his brother’s problems with a local gang.

In the episode titled, “Hail Mary,” we’ll also see what happens when ODNI is asked to facilitate the defection of a Russian FSB agent, but the agent’s pregnant girlfriend throws a curve in the team’s plans.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Christina (Jennifer Beals) goes off the books to reveal a mole in the CIA.

Watch a sneak peek below.


Taken” airs every Monday night at 10/9c on NBC.

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