FOX picks up Rosewood for full season

“Rosewood” gets full season order at FOX.

FOX’s new Miami-based medical drama, “Rosewood,” starring Morris Chestnut, Jaina Lee Ortiz, and Gabrielle Dennis, has been picked up to a full season.

Despite the series being deprived of big budget campaigns and promotion, the series performed well serving as a Wednesday night appetizer before a three-course meal in the Lyon’s den.

David Madden, president of FOX Entertainment,  shared, “’Rosewood‘ has proven to be a real self-starter for us, which is a tremendous feat on this highly competitive night. Todd Harthan, Morris, Jaina, Lorraine and the entire cast and crew have done a fantastic job creating a gorgeous, sexy world that is the perfect complement to ‘Empire.’ The upcoming episodes are so compelling as we build out the family dynamics, and with today’s order, we’re excited to explore the world of ‘Rosewood’ even further this season.”

Jainalee Ortiz took to her Instagram page to share her excitement writing, “Ahhhhhh! So my Dad’s favorite # is 22…ever since we started shooting the pilot, I started seeing the # 22 EVERYWHERE! I told myself it may represent the 22 episodes we could potentially shoot! And … My dream has come true! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!
Full 1st SEASON! 22 episodes! ?? thank you thank you thank you!”

This November, Taye Diggs will guest star on “Rosewood” in a multi-episode arc.

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