Chris Tucker on The View - Chris Tucker Live Netflix
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Chris Tucker stopped by “The View” on Thursday to promote his forthcoming stand-up comedy special, “Chris Tucker Live,” which is set to premiere on Netflix on July 10.

Let me begin by saying Chris looks fantastic and it’s great to see him back in the spotlight.

Whoopi asked the actor and comedian why he took so much time off. He responded by saying, “I’m a perfectionist. I don’t know…I guess it’s the Virgo in me.”

Chris continued, “I had so much to talk about and I want to get it all in. Cause my life is just a lot! I got it all in. It’s in the special. It’s fun!”

In case you missed the trailer for “Chris Tucker Live” you can click the link to watch it below.

TRAILER: ‘Chris Tucker Live’ Stand-Up Comedy Special On Netflix

Raven-Symoné asked the Rush Hour star to talk about the influence his family has had on his career. Chris shared, “I’m everything because of my family.”

Chris, who is the youngest of six said, “I saw so much at a young age being the youngest of six. I got wise early cause they would do stuff and I’d be like ‘I ain’t doing that!’ They’d get whoopings and I’d be like, ‘Whatchu do?!'”

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