Trina vs promoter


Trina’s janky promoter puts her on blast!

It appears R. Kelly wasn’t the only one who had issues with a scheduled performance due to lack of payment by the promoter.

BBHMM: R. Kelly Refuses To Perform In Arizona After The Promoter Failed To Pay & His Fans Went HAM – See Video!

Trina‘s fans swooped down on her for failing to show up and perform at Xclusive Elite in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday night.

In a post on her Instagram page, Trina clapped back at her disgruntled fans by telling them to redirect their anger towards the promoters who didn’t pay her.




I was escorted out the SUV into the venue, went inside the room and waited patiently until “the promoters” worked it out … The Club owner came and apologized to me, we waited and waited. NOTHING !!! So I left …. #F**KUPAYME GTFOH !!!!!!!

Trina went a step further by posting a clip of her singing along to Rihanna’s latest single, “B**ch Better Have My Money.”


A video posted by katrina (@trinarockstarr) on


Just as Trina’s fans began to champion and applaud her for standing her ground, the alleged janky promoter, Jay, put the raptress on blast for breach of contract…and he brought receipts.

According to Jay, Trina failed to show up for a scheduled boutique appearance and she allegedly arrived at the Xclusive at 2:30 a.m. when her contracted performance time was slated for midnight.

He also provided screenshots of the contract to substantiate his claims.  



After Jay clapped back, it appears Trina decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

I tell ya…between the false alarm pregnancy and failed appearance, Trina may need to take a knee in her prayer closet and regroup.

**UPDATED** BABY SCOOP: Is Trina Pregnant? – Luenell Issues A Public Apology To Trina

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