A Fan Tries To Kiss T.I. In His Mouth

Listen here, Patna! You can’t just penetrate T.I.‘s personal atmosphere and unexpectedly attempt to adhere your lips on his mouth without facing imminent consequences, ya dig?

The rapper took to his Instagram page on Sunday and shared video of a female fan, who grabbed his face and attempted to kiss him right in his mouth!

Tip got that chick off of him with the quickness! Then, security stepped in.


A video posted by TIP (@troubleman31) on


T.I. wrote, “Maaaaan I don’t know what da fuq made Shawty think she was just Gon get some Sugar!!!!! Not MY lips ma’am…. No SIR!!!! Shiiii-iiiit!!!! ?Caution,dangerous Curves?”

Shawty lucky Tiny wasn’t around or I’d be posting her mugshot.

How disrespectful! Your thoughts?