Trick Daddy To Star In “Love & Hip Hop Miami”

Girl, you don’t know naan…

Mona Scott-Young is taking the shenanigans and tomfoolery of her “Love & Hip Hop” franchise to the streets of Miami with Trick Daddy at the helm.

Trick Daddy gave Bossip the scoop during a recent interview.

I just met with Mona last week and we’re trying to do this thing right. Put some real Miami b**ches and real Miami n***as on the show.

That’s exaaactly what we need on VH1. (insert sarcasm)

Trick, who plans to start filming later this month or early May, explained why he decided to do the show.

I’m really doing Love & Hip Hop Miami because there’s a difference between Old Cutler (a sleepy highway that connects Miami to the Everglades) money and South Beach money. Old Cutler money is grandfathered in, South Beach is investors.

One thing I won’t do is make a fool of myself. If we gone make a fool of somebody it won’t be me, so it’ll be interesting.

The scoop on the street is the “Baddest B*tch” Trina will also star on the show.

While I’d love to see Trina on the show (in a positive light), her publicist, Aleesha Carter, stated, “This is not confirmed to date, especially if it wasn’t heard by myself as her PR Representation.”

I’ll keep you posted…..

Will you tune in to “Love & Hip Hop Miami?”

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