Trey Songz - Nicki Minaj

Trey Songz Talks Nicki Minaj On ‘The Breakfast Club’

During his interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Friday, Trey Songz said he loves Nicki Minaj, but she disrespected him.

Things went from sugar to shizznit between Mr. Steal Yo Girl and the Queen of the Barbs after Remy Ma accused them of sleeping together in “ShETHER.”

When Trey dragged his feet on shutting down the rumor, Nicki blasted him on Twitter. He finally set the record straight, but the damage was already done.

While chatting with TBC, Trey took credit for being the spark that lit Nicki’s career.

Nicki ain’t have sh*t before ‘Bottoms Up.’ She got a single with Sean Garrett. After that, she did ‘Monster’ and then she [popped off].

All before that, it was looks. You was hanging with Wayne. You was the wild girl with wild hair.

I love you Nicki. I love you. You came at me wrong. You disrespected me, but I love you.

Watch the clip below.


Nicki Minaj has not responded to or acknowledged Trey’s remarks about her.

Watch the full interview below.


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