Mia Isabella puts Tyga on blast

Transgender Actress Mia Isabella Puts Tyga On Blast…AGAIN!

Last July, text messages between Tyga and TS actress Mia Isabella hit the internet exposing their alleged secret relationship.

It appears Mia has reached her breaking point (cues Keri Hilson) so she took to her IG account and aired out her “soulmate” of 3.5 years in a lengthy post where she blasts Kylie Jenner‘s boo for allowing her to get raked over the coals while trying to protect him.

“7 months I stayed suffering and depressed protecting you while losing everything. I’m not taking any more L’s for you f*ck you,” Mia wrote.

Mia Isabelle said she protected Tyga, who allegedly threatened to commit suicide, because she didn’t want to have “that weight on her hands.”

She also urged Tyga to live his truth writing, “Your bisexuality for women and Trans women is highly common in heterosexual men. Own your sh*t so nobody can ever use it against you again.”

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