Talk about insult to injury!

A judge has ordered Tracy Morgan to turn over six years of tax returns and other highly personal information in an ongoing dispute with Walmart over the crash settlement he received.

You may recall, the scoop on the street was the actor and comedian received a $90 million after he was critically injured in the deadly July 7, 2014, crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed his friend James McNair.

Now, Walmart’s insurers, Ohio Casualty Insurance Company and Liberty Insurance Underwriters, are coming after Tracy Morgan and comedian Ardie Fuqua claiming they received too much money.

Via NY Daily News:

The insurers revealed in follow-up filings that 90% of the money paid in crash-related settlements went to Morgan and Fuqua claims.

That suggests the two received at least $90 million together.

The insurance companies now argue Walmart acted too soon and opened its purse strings too wide.

They’re trying to prove Morgan’s potential future earnings weren’t as compromised as first believed.

In a November court filing, a lawyer for the insurance companies said Morgan should be forced to hand over his tax returns from 2009 through 2014 and documents related to certain activities after the crash.

The insurers want anything related to Morgan “appearing on national television shortly after the settlement, driving a Lamborghini in midtown Manhattan shortly after the settlement, (walking) around midtown New York shortly after the settlement and his appearing at the Emmy Awards to make a presentation.”

The judge on the case ordered Morgan and Fuqua to comply with the subpoena and produce the documents after failing to pose adequate objections, the order issued Thursday said.

They are dirty for this. Walmart better rollback some of those overpriced items in their store and leave these two men they almost killed alone!

Your thoughts on this?