Toya Wright was in mama bear mode when the took to social media to slam people for cyberbullying her daughters and talking recklessly about her baby.

Reginae and Reign’s mama was livid when she posted the following message:

People are so f–king miserable. How can you talk about an innocent baby.

Who the f–k raised y’all stupid asses? I said I was not going to entertain the negativity but I’m sick of it. Social media goes too far.

My kids always have and always will come before any of this sh-t and I will not tolerate any disrespect when it comes to them. Bet the land on that!

With that being said….F–k ANYbody that has ANYthing negative to say about my daughters. Now back to my regular scheduled program. ✌? #missmewiththecyberbullying

You may recall, Princess Love vowed to stop posting photos of Melody after people said mean and rude things about her.

When will people realize children are off limits?

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