Towanda Braxton daughter Brooke bullied

Towanda Braxton Opens Up About Her Daughter Being Bullied

When we send our babies to school our worst fear is that they will be bullied, hurt physically and/or emotionally.

Towanda Braxton took to social media on Tuesday to ask for prayer after learning her sweet baby girl, Brooke, was being bullied.

When we made the decision to try a public school for our children, I never wanted to believe my Brooke would be bullied, ridiculed, teased and taunted….breaking her esteem to not want to go to school, while her grades are nearly beyond repair.

When my children are hurting, it crumbles my soul. Although I want to knock down the school walls, I will continue to pray for strength and guidance. #praymystrengthInTheLord

Brooke used to attend ballet school with my daughter and she’s a sweetheart.

If you notice a change in your children, talk to them to make sure they are alright.

I’ll be sending up prayers for Towanda and her baby.

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