Towanda Braxton divorce Andre Carter

Let me find out the ex-husbands of the Braxton sisters are about to unite like the Voltron force!

On the heels of Toni Braxton‘s ex, Keri Lewis, addressing her remarks and the misconceptions about their divorce, Towanda Braxton‘s ex-husband, Andre Carter, is now speaking out.

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Andre wrote Keri saying that he “understands completely” because the same thing happened to him in his divorce – just on a smaller scale.

Keri…brother I understand completely! My divorce with Towanda was almost the same exact same but on a much smaller scale.

The same as you, I did not have an attorney in my divorce. But there was no prenuptial signed. I asked for nothing, absolutely nothing during the proceedings, even the judge questioned me directly about my decision not to ask for anything.

But as everyone has seen on the television show, I was portrayed as the one who attempted to take everything from Towanda.

That never happened! But that’s reality TV…protect the brand not the brainless. And I was damn sure brainless in believing those TV executive’s lies!!

See Andre Carter’s original post below.

Towanda Braxton ex-husband Andre Carter

Towanda Braxton filed for divorce to end her 12-year marriage to Andre in August 2016.

Whew chile…Who’s going to speak out next? Gabe? Vince?

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