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Towanda Braxton Calls ‘Bullsh-t’ On Loni Loves ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview About Tamar Braxton

Towanda Braxton - Loni Love - Tamar Braxton

Towanda Braxton had time tah-day!

The “Responsible” Braxton took to social media to call “bullsh-t” on Loni Love‘s remarks on “The Breakfast Club” about Tamar Braxton being fired from “The Real.”

Loni told the morning show that shortly after Tamar was fired she saw Towanda on a flight and she tipped her off as to what was going down on “Braxton Family Values.”

I get on a plane to go to Atlanta and who’s in front – this how God works – who’s in front of me in first class? Her sister Towanda.

Her sister Towanda said, ‘Loni, I am so sorry this is happening to you. We know you ain’t have nothing to do with it.’

She said, ‘But, I’m going to tell you something – they just did an emergency filming of ‘Braxton Family Values and you need to see the episode.’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ She said, ‘You just need to see the episode.’  

I was like, ‘What?!’

Loni went on to say she contacted her attorney who contacted WEtv and shut it down. “BFV” had to cut the scene and reshoot.

Watch the clips below.



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Towanda didn’t appreciate Loni bringing her name into the convo and making her look two-faced. Especially after all of the work Iyanla put in to get the Braxtons living in harmony.

She took to Instagam with a spicy message for Loni and her co-hosts of “The Real!”

What I’m not willing to do is allow ANYONE to create dissension. I absolutely was on that flight with @comiclonilove And how many years ago was this conversation? I’m amused at how the statements were paraphrased.

It was NEVER a heads up… AND as soon as I saw Loni on the flight, I IMMEDIATELY contacted Tamar to let her know. The interview circulating that I’m included in is bullsh-t.

Why feel compelled to keep mentioning Tamar when it pertains to that talk show? I guess they are her biggest fans? ??‍♀️ Y’all should ask Tamar to come back since she’s the hot topic…Keep it ‘REAL’ or change the name of the show. #therealreal Love you Tamar ❤️, just like ‘The Real’ #igottimetoday #tamarbraxton

Watch the full interview below.



With all due respect – I believe Loni.

Your thoughts?

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