Torrei Hart

Torrei Hart Hacked Online, Car Vandalized

In the midst of Kevin Hart‘s cheating scandal, someone has been targeting his ex-wife, Torrei Hart.

Less than a week after she spoke out on “Inside Edition,” her Instagram page has been hacked and someone vandalized her $70,000 Mercedes Benz. (See pics.)

Via TMZ:

Torrei was shooting her new film, “Perfectly Single,” this week on location in L.A. She rolled up in her brand new 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE 43 and parked it on the street. When she came back someone had unleashed their fury on her $70k ride.

Several windows were smashed in, but nothing was stolen. We’re told the crew noticed a suspicious white car circling the area for about an hour, and a guy riding by on a bicycle flashed a gun.

To add insult to injury, Torrei Hart’s Instagram page was hacked. This time, she feels like it was an inside job!

It’s really a shame that someone would hack into my account and try to bring me down. Well I’m back and trust I will be verified. I have friends in high places too. This smells like an inside job. You tried to create 6 fake accounts using my name. How did that work for you? Keep coming for me and you are really going to see just how much God has my back. You don’t want this battle. Trust me!!!

See video below.

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Keep your head up, Sis!

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