Prosecutors have slapped three family members with a multitude of charges stemming from their viral brawl at Disneyland’s Toontown on July 5.

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Avery Desmond Edwin Robinson (red shirt), 35, of Las Vegas, is facing facing five felony charges and nine misdemeanors for attacking his sister, Andrea Nicole Robinson, brother-in-law, Daman Petrie, and his girlfriend.

He has also been charged with endangering his child and three other children who with the family, and threatening to kill members of his family as he drove out of a Disneyland parking structure.

But, that’s not all…Avery allegedly assaulted a Disneyland employee with his vehicle after their family was escorted out of the park for cutting the fool.

Avery Desmond Edwin Robinson is currently being held in the Orange County Jail and he faces a maximum of seven years and four months in state prison if convicted on all charges.

His sister, Andrea Nicole Robinson (juicy mama), 40, of Compton is facing five misdemeanor charges including four battery charges for attacking her brother, Avery, his girlfriend, and a Disneyland employee.

Andrea is also facing one count of misdemeanor assault for attacking her brother’s girlfriend. If convicted on all counts, she faces a maximum of 2 1/2 years in jail.

Andrea’s husband, Daman Petrie (white shirt), 44, also of Compton, is facing one misdemeanor count of battery for punching Avery’s girlfriend in the face during the brawl.

Daman is looking at a maximum of six months in jail if convicted.

Someone should have been charged for sprawling Nana out in the park, but I digress.

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