Toni Braxton stopped by the “Angie Martinez Show” on Thursday while she was in the Big Apple promoting her Lifetime movie, “Faith Under Fire.”

While chatting with Angie, Toni set the record straight on whether or not she and Birdman are married.

“We are not married! I promise you.” She added, “If we were married I wouldn’t deny it.”

Toni went on to say:

I get why they think it’s weird. But, they don’t know him like I know him. He’s very traditional about family and values.

He has two kids by his high school sweetheart. He’s just very traditional.

She says the massive ring on her hand is simply “a birthday present.”

The convo eventually shifted to Tamar Braxton and her marriage drama with Vince Herbert.

Toni didn’t hesitate to say she believes the Herberts will reconcile.

I think Tamar and Vince are going through their ‘I hate you, Jodi’ phase.

I think those two are going to get back together if they aren’t already…absolutely! They love each other.

I think they are going to be back together. I don’t think it was something they did it for their show. They were really going through marital woes.

Watch the clip below.

Here’s the full interview:

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