Toni Braxton Says Her Son Is No Longer Autistic

During a recent interview with “Access Hollywood,” Toni Braxton shared some very exciting news!

The award-winning singer and reality TV star announced her youngest son, Diezel Lewis, no longer suffers from Autism.

Toni said early diagnosis was the key for her 13-year-old son.

My youngest son— everyone knows— my son Diezel suffers from—or I should say suffered from Autism. I am one of the lucky parents.

Early diagnosis changes everything. I will tell you this. I will shout it from the rooftops. My son Diezel is off the spectrum.

Off the spectrum being autistic. Susan Wright, who unfortunately just passed from Autism Speaks, when she found out about my son and I she called me immediately and said ‘Get him in this program.

Do this, do that.’ She’s been an advocate in helping me so much. I miss her already. I mean, I can’t believe she’s gone.

Our lives have changed! No signs of Austim! No signs – he’s our social butterfly. He’s the one who hangs out with friends and plays all the time. I’m very, very fortunate.

Look at God!