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Welp…it appears Toni Braxton and Birdman have called it quits and ended their engagement.

The R&B superstar kicked off the new year by announcing she was “starting a new chapter” and added that it “isn’t always an easy choice.”

Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice…
but ALWAYS choose to be chosen.
Cheers to a new year ?

Toni also scrubbed her IG account completely clean except for one photo of herself in a red gown.



Birdman appeared to confirm issa wrap when he posted, then deleted, “It’s over…”

He also scrubbed his IG page clean.



To many folks…the news comes as no surprise.

You may recall, Toni pushed back their wedding date in August.



For me, the writing was on the wall when Toni’s engagement ring went missing on a Delta flight in November.

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The biggest question many people had was why wasn’t Toni wearing the engagement ring?

After the ring went missing it appeared Toni and Birdman’s relationship did too.

Are you surprised by this news?

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