Tommy Hilfiger Says Racist Rumor Hurt His Heart

Remember that pesky racist rumor that has followed Tommy Hilfiger for YEARS?

It’s the one where he allegedly said, during an appearance on the “Oprah Show,” that he “didn’t make his clothing for black folks.”

Well, 20 years later, Wendy Williams asked the famous clothing designer to set the record straight.

Tommy denied ever making such a ridiculous and offensive statement and added that the rumors hurt his heart, his soul, and his business.

I’ve always wanted my brand to be offered to a broad range of people…everybody.

Somebody came up with this rumor and it’s spread over the internet and it’s hurt my heart and soul.

My business continued to grow, in all different areas, but maybe it would have grown better and faster.

Watch the clip below.


The same rumor has plagued Michael Kors. But, I know EXACTLY who started that rumor.

What’s sad is there will still be folks who don’t believe him.