Tokyo Toni $1 million lawsuit Wendy Williams dismissed

Tokyo Toni’s million-dollar lawsuit against Wendy Williams was dismissed by a judge because Blac Chyna‘s mother failed to complete one task: serve the talk show host.

You may recall Toyko, real name Shalana Jones-Hunter, sued Wendy for defamation of character, slander and harassment claiming the talk show host painted her in a negative light.

As a result, Tokyo says it caused her blood pressure to go up, she lost sleep, it ruined her relationship and she had to quit driving Uber and Lyft due to the “lies.”

In February, a judge told Tokyo if she failed to prove she had served Wendy Williams with the lawsuit the case would be thrown out.

The case was tossed on April 10 when Toyko, who was representing herself, didn’t even bother to show up for court.