Tisha Campbell-Martin - Steve Harvey Show


Tisha Campbell-Martin recently visited the “Steve Harvey Show” to talk about her new single, “Steel Here,” and to catch up with her old friend.

During her convo with Steve, Tisha shared her powerful story of forgiving the man who raped her when she was three-years-old and how she came to include her testimony in her “Steel Here” music video.

I received a five-page apology letter from the person who sexually assaulted me when I was three-years-old.

And I just received it last year and I showed it to her [the video director] and she was like, ‘This is what we are gonna do.’

He said he saw me mention it on another program and he said, ‘I have often thought about it over the years and how I wanted to reach out to you for so many years.’ He got it through a friend of a friend of a cousin of a friend and he got it to me.

The blessing in that is I understand that not a lot of people get an apology. So, that in itself is a blessing. You understand? You have to learn to forgive so that it can take the blockage away from the blessings that are really coming for you.

So, when you hold on to negative emotions, and anger, and grudges, and guilt, and all those things. There’s something that stops you moving forward. And that’s all I’m really trying to say.

I’m not trying to make light of this or make it small. It’s just how I choose to deal with this.

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