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The Breakfast Club’s GoFundMe To Help Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Debt Exceeds Goal

Many of us were shocked when we learned Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband Duane Martin had filed chapter 7 bankruptcy because they were $15 million

On Monday, “The Breakfast Club” launched a GoFundMe page aimed at raising $1,220 to assist Tisha with her debt.

The Breakfast Club wants to help Tisha Campbell-Martin aka Gina from the hit 90’s TV show “Martin” raise money to help pay off her $15 million debt with husband Duane Martin. We are asking for $1,220 which equals $10 per episode she filmed for “Martin”. Please help The Breakfast Club show our appreication for all that she has done for the 90’s culture. #DamnGina

Within three days, the GoFundMe has exceeded their goal by raising $1,320 and the money is still coming in.

The Breakfast Club GoFundMe Tisha Campbell-Martin


Here’s the discussion that sparked the GoFundMe page for the Martins.

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