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The divorce drama between Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin is getting nastier by the day!

The actress and singer, originally agreed to joint custody of the couple’s sons.

In court docs she wrote, “in the spirit of compromise and love for our sons, I conceded to joint custody rather than allow the Respondent to drag the children into a power struggle.”

But, she has now had a change of heart and said Duane doesn’t deserve to have them at all.

According to The Blast, Tisha has filed new court docs seeking full custody of Ezekiel and Xen.


She went on to say Duane is only a social media dad who stunts with the boys anyway!

[Martin] has never shown an active interest unless it was for show or social media.

When we were together, the Respondent stayed isolated in his room watching TV for hours, much of the time when the children were there.

The Respondent leaves the parenting to his 77-year-old mother. The Respondent’s brother does the custody exchange, school drops, medical appointments, and the occasional trip to the park with the dogs.

Yikes! Is this Exhibit A:


Tisha Campbell-Martin, in her new filing, also noted Duane Martin has not denied any of her allegations of domestic violence.

This is really sad.

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