Tisha Campbell Martin attended LisaRaye‘s private watch party on Sunday night for her controversial episode of “UNCENSORED” on TV One. 

Tisha, who appeared to be overwhelmed with emotion (or tipsy), went live on Instagram from the party to gush about how proud she is of LisaRaye and how she attended the party support her.

LisaRaye, who dragged Tisha’s ex-husband, Duane Martin, in the episode for introducing her husband to other women, knew the esthetics of them being together looked shady. So, she made it a point to say:

I just want to say that this is not a come together to clown no one. This is about support and living in your truth.

She supported me because that was my truth back then. Look what happened to me and that’s what I went through. 

Tisha chimed in to say she didn’t know what LisaRaye went through and she appreciates her for not holding it against her while she was on her wifely duties with Duane Martin.

I have to admit…it was a tad awkward when LisaRaye as Tisha Campbell when does her episode of “UNCENSORED” air – especially considering it aired weeks ago.

Watch the clip below.

Your thoughts?

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