Tiny Harris prenatal photoshoot with T.I.

Tiny Harris Shares A Sneak Peek Of Her Prenatal Photoshoot With T.I.

T.I. and Tiny Harris are super excited about the arrival of their princess this April.

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On Thursday, Tiny shared a sneak peek of the couple’s prenatal photoshoot with famed photog Derek Blanks.

Thanks to everyone who made this pregnancy shoot everything I wanted it to be. @mrdblanks you always do amazing work. @shunmelson my girl 4ever & @latashawright I don’t like to do anything big or important without the Wright look. & @thatshekinah got @kenya_styles to come thru for my hair! Lastly thx to the sexy daddy in the pic @troubleman31 ???? #Lucky7? #AprilBaby

Many of Tiny’s fans loved the photo while others felt it was a little too risqué.

One fan wrote:

That is a man and his wife. They are sharing a joyous moment with the world and you have a negative comment? Tiny is beautiful and glowing , and sending you a visual message while doing it. Yes she is sexy, and she is a mommy and that is supposed to be beautiful . Bringing forth a mans child is the most wonderful and unselfish act a woman can perform. A piece of this man goes on, long after he is gone from this world every time she performs this miracle for him. Marriages crumble when women stop being sexy for their husbands. This image is important for women to see. It reminds them of how powerful and feminine , sexy and respectable, sexual and desired can all be used to describe a woman who has become a mother and a wife. And her man cherishes her, and loves her, and still wants to make love to her and wants to protect her…. All while she is carrying his baby. Thank you T.I. And Tiny for this vision of Black love, marriage and parenthood . We need to all see this more.

While another fan chimed in with:

She was cool from the stomach up. No hate. It’s just in poor taste for a pregnancy photo. Congratulations and continued prayers on a healthy baby.

Your thoughts?

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