T.I. - Tiny Harris - Floyd Mayweather

T.I. & Tiny Harris Face Off

I really hate that T.I. and Tiny Harris are airing out their divorce issues on national television.

In the latest episode of “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” Tiny blasts Tip for sleeping with one of her employees and he, in turn, accused her of smashing Floyd Mayweather.

Tiny told her estranged husband, “He [Floyd] ain’t never stuck his d**k in me!”

T.I. responded, “The point is…you were with a dude that you know I’m at odds with.”

Tiny retorted, “Uhh, excuse me! But, you were with a girl that you met through me!”

Tip looked at the mother of his children and asked, “Were you at odds with her?”

I caaaaaaan’t!

Watch the uncomfy clip below.


Looks like that sexy red dress Tiny threw on a few weeks ago was wasted on this ugly exchange.

This is truly heartbreaking to watch.

Your thoughts?

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