Tina Lawson - Jennifer Hudson

No one has more fun and overshares on social media like Beyoncé‘s mama, Tina Lawson.

Unfortunately, she’s found herself in the mix of some mess again after she got dragged online for liking a post that said Oscar-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson “sounds horrible.”

Tina Lawson - Jennifer Hudson

After getting raked over the coals by Jennifer’s fans, Tina returned to social media to explain there was no malicious intent on her part.

Mama Tina went on to say she’s going to take a break from social media. Although she loves it, she’s experienced the bad side of it one time too many.

Tina Lawson - Jennifer Hudson

Welp. Mama Tina’s good energy will be missed online, but I’m sure she’ll be back as soon as the smoke clears.

Your thoughts?