TIME 100

Time magazine has released their annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the world and many of our ICC faves have made the list!

The incomparable Viola Davis and John Legend are gracing two of the five covers (the other covers feature Riz Ahmed, Melinda Gates, and Jeff Bezos).

Viola Davis

Viola Davis is hailed as one of Time’s Icons. Her dear friend, Meryl Streep, wrote:

When you spend your life embodying other lives, if you are successful, the one that belongs to you can silently slip behind. But Viola Davis’ hard-won, midlife rise to the very top of her profession has not led her to forget the rough trip she took getting there. And that is why she embodies for all women, but especially for women of color, the high-wire rewards of hard work and a dream, risk and faith.

Viola has carved a place for herself on the Mount Rushmore of the 21st century—new faces emerging from a neglected mountain. And when she tells the story of how she got from where she was to where she is, it is as if she is on a pilgrimage, following her own footsteps and honoring that journey. Her gifts as an artist are unassailable, undeniable, deep and rich and true. But her importance in the culture—her ability to identify it, her willingness to speak about it and take on responsibility for it—is what marks her for greatness.

Other Icons include: RuPaul, Colin Kaepernick, John Lewis, Simone Biles, Ashley Graham, and Neymar.

John Legend

John Legend tops the Artists list for Time 100. The incomparable Harry Belafonte wrote:

John Legend is a wonderful artist. He’s a remarkable lyricist, and the songs he has giftedly crafted are straight-ahead beautiful melodies that will find a welcoming home in the great library of American songs. One of my personal favorites is “Glory,” the duet he performed with Common for the Selmasoundtrack—a song with a powerful message about overcoming adversity. With songs like this, he has rewarded a diverse fan base, and I am pleased to be part of such a multitude.

John uses his platform to push for meaningful social change, and the depth of his commitment is to be admired. He has visited prisons to raise awareness about mass incarceration—the new slavery—and he spoke out about the importance of Black Lives Matter at Sankofa’s Many Rivers to Cross festival, which I helped organize. I hope John continues to grow as an artist and an activist.

Other Artists include: Emma Stone, Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Donald Glover, Leslie Jones, Ava DuVernay, and Barry Jenkins.


Jordan Peele, Chance The Rapper, Riz Ahmed, Ivanka Trump, and Constance Wu, and others.


LeBron James, Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos, Janet Yellen, Daniel Ek, and others.


Melinda Gates, Vladimir Putin, and Pope Francis were listed among the Time 100’s Leaders.

Visit Time to get the full list of their 100 Most Influential People.

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