After two season as a songwriter and producer for “Empire,” Timbaland is leaving the show.

Timbo will be replaced by Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Rodney Jerkins as supervising music producer along with chart-topping songwriter Ester Dean.

Via Billboard:

“We were happy to work with Timbaland during the first two seasons,” says Shawn Holiday, senior VP of A&R for Columbia Records, which releases Empire’s music. “But we wanted to take a different approach for season 3. We dealt a lot with family drama in the first season through songs like ‘Good Enough’ when Lucious Lyon threw his son Jamal in the trash can. That was a very emotional music moment. So we’re going for the same success with upcoming songs like ‘Mama,’ about Cookie being the backbone of the family, and a duet with Mariah Carey and Jussie Smollett.”

Of bringing Jerkins and Dean onboard, Holiday adds, “Rodney is a dynamic, multi-format producer experienced in urban, rhythmic and pop. And Dean excels at writing big songs with catchy hooks.”

Timbaland hasn’t commented on his exit, but Ester is over the moon about the opportunity.


Rodney and Ester got hits, bro!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the duo will bring to the show.

Your thoughts?