T.I. snaps on male fan who grabs his butt

Rule #1 – Keep your hands to yourself!

T.I. recently had an uncomfy encounter with an overzealous fan.

While performing his hit single, “You Can Whatever You Like,” a male fan in the crowd decided to grab him a handful of T.I.’s buns.

When the rapper and Sleepless star turned around and realized his fondler was a man, it was all bad.

T.I. stopped his performance and commenced to give the man a stern tongue-lashing:

Don’t you ever put your motherf**kin hands on my a** again, bro!

What the f**k is wrong with you, my n***a?!

I’ll f**k you up!

Watch the moment below:

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There is ALWAYS one fan who has to go too far…SMH.