T.I. - Angie Martinez

T.I. Talks Tiny Harris & Marriage

T.I. and Tiny Harris’ marriage drama has dominated blog headlines for months.

From Floyd Mayweather to Bernice Burgos, Tip and Tiny have had their fair share of unsavory moments in the public eye as the future of their marriage hangs in the balance.

During an exclusive interview with Angie Martinez, T.I. said he and Tiny are still the best of friends.

But, he went on to say marriage is a distraction that will deter him from his mission.

There is no beef. We good – we straight. Everyone else the ones with the problems. We good…we’re straight.

We see each other, we speak, we talk, we spend time together. We good.

She’s still one of the best friends I have in the world. I could just be a better best friend than a husband.

T.I. went on to explain his mission:

I’m striving to take my family, its name, and our legacy as far and high as it can possibly go.

In my life, there will be two different things:

There will be people, places and things that help me get there and there will be people, places and things that distract me and deter me from getting there.

It just seems to me like marriage and what marriage means and what marriage does – it’s just one of those things that’s going to distract and deter me.

Watch the clip below.



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