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Troy Ave, real name is Roland Collins, was shot in the leg and was driven to NYU Langone Medical Center in an SUV.

Below is video of the madness in the venue following the gunfire.




“People were running and stomping over one another,” said Rodney Molina, 37.

“It was real loud, like it was in my ear,” said Kirk Elphage, 41, of Harlem. “People were using each other for shields. It was unbelievable.”

Irving Plaza is being called out for their lax security on the night of the concert.

“There is security, there’s a security protocol,” Chief William Aubry of the Manhattan South Detective Squad said. “There are metal detectors that are in there.”

An employee said the venue uses handheld wand detectors.

It’s so unfortunate that you can’t even go to a concert without getting shot.