T.I. Calls Out Kanye West, Steve Harvey & Martin Luther King III

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, T.I. took to social media to addresse the agenda behind Donald Trump‘s meetings with black celebrities.

Kanye West was the first of many, including Steve Harvey, to make their way to Trump Tower for a meeting and a photo op with “Twitter fingers.”

Martin Luther King III met with Trump on the national holiday celebrating his father’s birth.

In a series of videos posted on his Instagram page, T.I. issued a warning saying these meetings are part of a strategic plan to divide and conquer.

There is a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of. Okay?

Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting no matter how positive you think the outcome may be without understanding people have a very Willie Lynch agenda.

And you being there, being seen with them, and taking pictures and smiling and being positive – it may seem positive to you but there is a hidden agenda, man.

You might not know it, but now you have been warned.

T.I. went on to call Kanye, Steve, and Martin III out by name saying:

Kanye, what the f**k you doing man? Steve, you know way better than this, man! Jim Brown, really?!

Martin Luther King, it’s your godd**n daddy’s birthday, bro! You gone go and sit down?!

Watch T.I.’s videos below:


Your thoughts on T.I.’s message?