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Justin Hartley is fine as frog hair and I would totally understand a fan losing their cool, but you can’t sexually harass the man!

In a new interview with Good Housekeeping, the “This Is Us” star recalled an incident where a fan in Chicago ran down on him in a restaurant and literally kissed him in his mouth.

This woman – who I don’t know, a stranger to me – recognized me and started screaming, going crazy. She ran over and started kissing me.

I said, ‘You do not walk up to people that you do not know and put your mouth on their face. If I did that to you, I would be in prison. Please do not do that. And not that I’m trying to teach you life lessons, but I feel like this is a really good one for you. Don’t do that to anybody ever again.

Sis had some cojones on her because she came back to his table to ask for a picture.

When Justin declined – she had the neeeeerve to get mad and try to blast him!

I said, ‘I’m good.’ I’m usually really good with photos, but I’m, like, ‘I’m not taking photos with you after you sexually harassed me. I’m good without a photo.’

As she was leaving, she was, like, ‘Justin Hartley is a jerk,’ but not really jerk — something more foul.

I was, like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

I hope he located the hottest bottle of Listerine after that encounter.

This Is Us” returns to NBC this fall! I can’t wait!