The Wiz Live! - Shanice Williams - Dorothy


“It’s greatly influenced by where we start: a contemporary Kansas,” says Tazewell. “Dorothy is dressed as a modern teenager.”


The Wiz Live! - Ne-Yo - Tin Man


“He is a woodsman translated into the world of tin,” says Tazewell. “It’s much more literal to work clothing than it is created out of a patchwork of metal. And it’s topped off with a tree-worker’s metal hat.”


The Wiz Live! - David Alan Grier - Cowardly Lion


“We see him as a real lion,” says Tazewell. “His updated look is a mane that is made out of dreads and a vest that is styled in a more contemporary way.”


The Wiz Live! - Elijah Kelley - Scarecrow


“He’s a fashion-forward scarecrow,” says Tazewell. “His suit is something you would find at a secondhand store but when he embodies it, becomes much more hip – reminiscent of Basquiat character.”


Entertainment Weekly has released the first photos of Uzo Aduba as Glinda the Good Witch, Queen Latifah as The Wiz, and Common as Bouncer, the Emerald City gatekeeper.

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