The Upside starring Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman topped the box office with an impressive $19,590,000 debut.

The film is a remake of the 2011 film, The Intouchables, which is based on a true story.

The Intouchables

Kevin celebrated another box office victory via social media.

In a post on his Instagram page, Kevin wrote:

This honestly might be my biggest box office accomplishment of my career. There is always a “Upside” to Everything….God is Good.

I am beyond thankful for my fans & their love & support. I also want to give a huge Shoutout to STXFilms for supporting this movie & getting it to a point where it could be seen by audiences worldwide….I also want to think @neil.burger & @bryancranston & @nicolekidman and all the other actors & actresses & crew that were involved in the making of this movie!!!!!

This is HUUUGGGEEE….make sure you guys go see it. P.S look mom your boy has another #1 movie in the box office!!!!!! #TheUpside #NowPlaying

The Upside

‘The Upside’ Review By B. Gunn

I’m about to go upside your head with this one. Kevin’s heart is in the right place in the new movie “The Upside”, starring Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, and Nicole Kidman.

Hart plays Dell Scott who’s fresh out the joint and looking – maybe – for a job. He runs across a gig he has absolutely zero chances of getting: caring for quadriplegic billionaire Phillip Lacasse, played by Cranston. If you’ve seen the trailers, you probably have an idea of how this movie will shape up…and you’d be right; down-on-his-luck parolee meets lonely, handicapped rich guy sharing stories and breaking down stereotypes.

Well, while that’s SOME of the storyline, it’s the way the film moves that makes it an enjoyable, dare I say…emotional piece of work. Now, what do I mean by “the way the film moves”? Follow me, class.

The opening scene catches your attention with some wild antics, something I could see myself doing (you gotta watch it AND know me to see what I mean) then, the movie proceeds.

“The Upside” is one of those films that grows as you view it. No, it doesn’t grow ON you, it just grows, better yet it blossoms. The 1st act does what it’s supposed to do; introduce characters and establish the plot, but you may think these characters and plot will get stuck because the plot is kinda basic. What saves it, however, are the characters’ backstories and character arcs. Each one has a unique tale that unfolds slowly while building relationships with each other.

Kidman’s character Yvonne feels some type of way about Phillip and Dell, Phillip feels some type of way about himself and others, Phillip’s staff feels some type of way about Phillip. That’s a lot of feeling, ya feel me? The cast has amazing chemistry and as the film builds, their relationships start to grow then you become invested in whatever scenario that scene may dictate. It could be the smallest, most insignificant scene, but you will have developed a rapport with these people so you’ll care about those scenes.

Hart is funny in this movie. His range is growing, though. “The Upside” is our introduction to his serious side. The director is smart to give it to us in doses and I believe that’s beneficial to him. You can tell he’s been working on his range. He’s no Denzel yet, but drama has accepted him rather nicely. Baby steps, Kev, baby steps.

Cranston plays his role to a T. If anything, you’ll walk away from this movie having a better understanding of the disabled and their need to be treated with dignity and respect.

“The Upside” has some downsides, y’all. The dialogue, especially in the 1st act, is bland with too many corny one-liners. Hart’s character almost reminds you of Eddie Murphy’s character Billy Ray Valentine from “Trading Places,” but luckily changes into his own later on and we get to see his range.

As I said, this movie grows with each scene so those missteps don’t go on forever. “The Upside” is a very enjoyable, heart-warming flick that surprised me. Therefore, I’m co-signing “The Upside” to the fullest!

Hey, we’re witnessing ‘ol Kevy Kev slowly turn into an Oscar-caliber actor. That’s the upside. The downside is, we still don’t have anyone to host the Oscars. Somebody get Sommore or Katt Williams on the phone!

Did you see the film over the weekend?


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