Pusha T‘s beef with Drake started long before the events of this past week, but I’m not historian so I’ll let you do your own research.

But, I can fill you in on the latest tea that runneth over.

Let’s start at Daytona….


On a track titled, “Infrared,” Pusha fires a lyrical shot at Drizzy when he raps, “It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin.”

He’s referencing the tea Meek Mill spilled about Quentin Miller allegedly ghostwriting many of Drake’s records back in 2015.

Duppy Freestyle

Less than 12 hours after Daytona was released, Drake fired back at Pusha T with “Duppy Freestyle.”

The song was pure fiyah and the internet went ham, bologna and cheese at Drizzy’s Amazon Prime-ish delivery of his response.

What we didn’t know was how Drake’s mention of Virginia Williams would take this beef to a new plateau.

Virginia Williams

Virginia Williams is Pusha T’s beautiful fiancée.

The two of them are madly in love and got engaged last July, a while after the two of them began building their dream home together.

Last, but certainly not least, Ginny is off limits – point blank period….not even in a rap battle.

Pusha stated, “Virginia Williams shan’t ever be mentioned in song by ANYONE aside from me ☝?”

Got it? Good.

The Story Of Adidon

When Drake mentioned Ginny in “Duppy Freestyle,” Pusha T declared lyrical jihad on October’s Very Own with “The Story of Adidon.”

Not only did Pusha drag Drake, his daddy, Dennis Graham, and his mama, Sandi Graham…he also revealed the rapper has a secret child with a former porn star.

On top of all of the tea, he also noted the image of Drake used in the cover art is an original photo NOT photoshop.

The Blackface Photo

As fans anxiously awaited Drake’s response to Pusha’s scandalous diss track, he offered an explanation of the blackface photo instead.

In a lengthy statement posted on his Instagram story, Drizzy says the photo “represented how African Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment.”\

Got it! But, where’s the music, Aubrey?!

Sophie Brussaux

Drake’s alleged baby’s mother is Sophie Brussaux. She’s a former adult actress, who is known in freaky films as “Rosee Divine.”

She and Drizzy were romantically linked in early 2017 after they were spotted on a dinner date in Amsterdam.

By May, Sophie was knocked up and showing off alleged text messages from the rapper urging her to get an abortion.

She gave birth to a baby boy in October 2017 and named him Adonis. October’s Very Own Jr. – how cute!

While Sophie may have posted photos of her baby bump and baby shower – she made no mention of Drake thanks to an alleged non-disclosure agreement he had her sign.

Drake’s rep released a statement saying, “If it is in fact Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child.”

We never heard anything else about the child until Pusha spilled the baby formula.

Real Mistresses Of Atlanta

A few years ago, Rosee…ahem…Sophie appeared on Memphitz‘s short-lived reality TV tragedy known as “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta.”

Pusha’s Tea

Rumor has it that it was A$AP Rocky who provided Pusha T with the intel on Drake’s alleged son, Adonis.

Unconfirmed sources are saying Rocky was also involved with Sophie during her pregnancy and got the paternity scoop on Drake.

As you can imagine, A$AP was happy to learn he wasn’t the pappy.

Iman Shumpert

In the midst of the madness, a rumor surfaced linking Iman Shumpert to Sophie Brussaux.

Teyana Taylor‘s husband’s name was thrown in the pot with other notable men (James Harden and A$AP Rocky) who were allegedly parlaying in Sophie’s crockpot.

The NBA baller quickly took to social media to make one thing very clear – all of his “interactions” with Sophie were prior to his relationship and marriage to Teyana.

Oh, so he did smash?! 

Drake’s Daddy Duties

Despite being blasted as a deadbeat dad, who is hiding his son from the world, Drake has reportedly been supporting Adonis and Sophie during her pregnancy and after the child’s birth.

TMZ claims sources close to Drake have confirmed he has been doing his part financially until he figures out the legalities of the situation.

6 God’s Plan…Ruined

Not only did Pusha T disrespect the hell out of Drake and his entire family – he completely sabotaged Aubrey’s big Adidas roll out for Adidon, which is named after his [alleged] son, Adonis.

Apparently, this was supposed to be Drizzy’s big Proud Papa moment, where he’d let the world know he’s a father.

Push ruined all of that when he rapped, “Adonis is your son and he deserves more than an Adidas press run.”

Yikes! Who’s giving up intel at Adidas?!

Sources also say Drake plans to talk about the baby on his new album, Scorpion, which is slated to arrive in June.

So, what’s next? Should Drake reply to Pusha T or catch a case of selective amnesia and just let this entire incident fade like Thanos snapped his fingers?