20th Century Fox’s The Predator topped the box office with a $24 million opening, however, it fell way short of expectations.

The live-action received a disappointing “C+” Cinemascore and was the lowest opening weekend for a live-action film debuting in 4,000 theaters.

I had the opportunity to attend the advance screening of The Predator and it was not what I expected it to be.

As a kid, the original Predator, released in 1987, scared the shizznit out of me.

But, Shane Black‘s version of the sci-fi/thriller felt more like a dark comedy with an alien catching fade on U.S. soil.

The fact that the Predator was wearing fishnet stockings didn’t help one bit.

But, despite all of that – I still enjoyed the movie! I laughed my behind off, whereas my dear friend had a bit of trouble digesting the gore.

Did you check out The Predator this weekend? If so, let me know what you thought about the film.

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