“The Morning Scoop” Top Stories:

Ice-T Arrested For Blowing Through A Bridge Toll Booth http://bit.ly/2Rf3TQP

Pooch Hall Officially Charged With Felony Child Abuse & DUI http://bit.ly/2OPLoFR

Kelly Rowland Shuts Down Skin Bleaching Rumors (Video) http://bit.ly/2RbSaSY

‘Judge Jerry’ Court Show Starring Jerry Springer In The Works At NBCUniversal http://bit.ly/2OM6Ifs

Rapper Jon James Dies While Filming Music Video Stunt On A Plane’s Wing (Video) http://bit.ly/2OLJDJR

Mariah Carey Joins ‘The Voice’ As Key Advisor During Knockouts http://bit.ly/2RciEDI

WATCH: ‘Bird Box‘ Trailer Starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, & Lil Rel Howery http://bit.ly/2OLNExz


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