Katt Williams fight teen

The Full Video Of Katt Williams’ Fight With A Teenage Boy Tells A Different Story…

Earlier today, I shared a video of Katt Williams in an altercation with a teenage boy that had gone viral on social media.

The video shows Katt punching the teen in the face. Then, he was grappled to the ground and placed in a chokehold by the teen until others intervened.

On the surface, it looked like another shenanigan-filled incident in the comedian’s life.

More information has come to light and it’s only right and fair to Katt Williams that I share with you the FULL video of the altercation and what led to it.

The comedian was actually out in the community playing soccer with the kids when the aggressive teen accosted him.

Katt is seen retreating in the video, but the teen follows him and threatens him. At that point, Katt swung and the altercation ensued.

See the full video on page 2.