Wale on Angie Martinez Show


Congratulations to Wale on the release of The Album About Nothing!

Last week, Wale stopped Power 105.1 to chop it up with Angie Martinez about everything from having baby fever to trying to do his part to have a positive impact on Black Hollywood.

I scooped six quotables from Wale’s convo about something with Angie. Read them below and watch his full interview.

1. I got a couple of friends…that when I see them happy it warms my heart and makes me think that my time [to get married] should come soon.

2. I be having baby fever. I don’t even know if that’s okay to say as a man. I be having the fever, man like ‘what is a lil Wale going to look like.’

3. I’m practicing abstinence right now because I don’t have nobody right now.

4. You look at shows like ‘Power’ or ‘Empire’… obviously I can see myself on a program like that.

5. I sure as hell want to help usher in a youth movement in Black Hollywood. We can’t keep putting cornrows on Shemar Moore and thinking it’s okay.

6. It’s unfortunate that society is teaching our women that you have to be scantily-clad to even be seen as an actress.



I love Wale. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is always honest to a fault. He’s a guy after my own heart.