Chicago P.D Season 6

(This post contains spoilers if you’re not caught up on the show.)

Season 6 of NBC’s hit drama series “Chicago P.D.” premieres tonight (September 26) at 10 p.m. and I can’t wait!

As many of you may know, I had the pleasure of chatting with the cast of the show earlier this month when I traveled to Chicago for NBC’s 4th Annual Chicago One Day.

I interviewed the cast of “Chicago P.D.” and I had the opportunity to visit the set of the show.

Xaviera - Chicago P.D. - Marina Squerciati- LaRoyce Hawkins


As many of you may know, the team suffered a huge loss at the end of season 5 with the death of Alvin Olinsky.

I was curious as to how such a significant loss would impact the team and the storyline going into season 6.

Tracy Spiridakos (Detective Hailey Upton) gave me the scoop saying:

After Al’s death, there is some tension within the team. Some people feel like Antonio did the right thing and others don’t. So, there is a lot of tension as to how things are being run and handled.

You’ll see that throughout the first chunk of time. But, we’ll find out way back together again.

Jesse Lee Soffer (Detective Jay Halstead) chimed in to add:

It all comes down to Voight. Is he gonna get caught doing what he’s been doing all along which is kinda living in that grey area and skirting the rules sometimes. 

Some people think Antonio didn’t back him up when he needed to and other people disagree. We’re going to see some fireworks and hopefully see the team come back together. But, I don’t know…

Jon Seda - Xaviera Bryant - Jason Beghe - Chicago PD
Jon Seda, Xaviera, Jason Beghe

Jon Seda (Detective Antonio Dawson) likened the loss of Al to losing a family member:

It’s like losing a family member. You know? You go through stuff. Things happen that are unexpected and you think you’re prepared to deal with certain situations, but once it happens you don’t know how you’re going to deal with it. 

I think that’s something that we’re touching on this season – one of our family members tragically being taken away from us. We all want the same thing, but we’re all dealing with it in our own way. 

When asked how much input he has on the writing and direction of “Chicago P.D.,” Jason Beghe (Sergeant Hank Voight) ended up sharing a really powerful message that you will also see in the season 6 premiere:

It’s important in the show that we can have a theme that can underly everything. 

One of the things that I helped with…I thought something that would be kind of interesting and they actually used the line in the first episode where I’m talking to Antonio and I say, ‘The best thing that you can be is you.’

Everybody wants to be the best version of themselves. Like with all of the Instagram and that other sh-t. Everybody is presenting this idea…and the funny thing is – the best thing you can be is you! 

There is nothing wrong with flaws. As a matter of fact, they can be beautiful and they are your opportunities. There’s vast room for improvement, but you have to confront and deal honestly with what is and that’s a beautiful thing. 

One Chicago kicks off tonight at 8/7c on NBC with “Chicago Med,” followed by “Chicago Fire” at 9/8c and “Chicago P.D.” closing out the night at 10/9c.

I can’t wait! Watch the promo below.

Will you be tuned in?

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