The Breakfast Club - Erykah Badu break up with Common-1


Erykah Badu stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday to promote the 2015 “Soul Train Awards,” where she serves as the lovely host.

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During her visit, Erykah candidly discussed about a variety of topics from music to her relationships with her children’s fathers.

She also took the opportunity to address her breakup with Common and it was pure comedy.



Ms. Badu told Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee:

I tried to breakup with him so many times.

They don’t get it. They don’t understand. They keep coming. He didn’t believe it.

Okay…I’m exaggerating a little bit. You know, it was kinda like we were growing apart.

We hadn’t seen each other in a while and I told him I needed space. I tried to fade out.

I tried to give him the fade, but I ended up putting myself in a trick bag.

Me and Common are still very close too. He’s really sweet. He’s the most compassionate human being I’ve ever met. Very kind.

But, it’s all about chemistry. You gotta have the chemistry.

Watch the hilarious clip.