Some folks are ready to put Gladys Knight on the midnight train to FOH after she announced she would be performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and released a sassy statement about it.

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Well, it’s not going to happen on Tevin Campbell‘s watch.

The “Can We Talk” singer took to Twitter on Friday to get a few things off of his chest in regards to his legendary “auntie.”

Gladys Knight literally had to walk thru the back doors. She lived thru the “colored” and “whites” only bullsh-t. She marched with the civil rights leaders. She does not owe you manure. And she gives 0 f&cks about y’all cancelling. STFU, please. Carry on.

After cooling off and getting dragged on social media, Tevin came back and apologized for being “immature” in his original post.

Ok. The stfu wasn’t necessary. It was in the heat of. Totally immature. My bad yall. The insults are HILARIOUS tho ???

Peep his tweets below.


Your thoughts on Tevin’s statement?

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