Tevin Campbell is not playing with y’all in these Twitter streets.

The 90’s singer pulled Tariq Nasheed‘s coattail on social media when he made a remark about Kamala Harris using the assault on Jussie Smollett as a tool to gain momentum for her presidential campaign.

Tariq wrote:

I wonder if the Kamala Harris team going to use the Jussie Smollett situation to get momentum for her campaign?

Tevin responded:

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain. I was born to sing. Seems to me like you, sir, were born to be an insufferable ass.

This is NOT about Kamala. This is about a man just experiencing a hate crime and on the same day someone uses that to make a political point. Sick. “We saved you from Luvvie now don’t do this?” G.T.F.O.H. You saved me?. GOD is my only savior. The nerve.

It’s hypocritical. He was doing exactly the same thing he was accusing Kamala of. I am not into politics much and I do not know about Kamala. But don’t use @JussieSmollett to make your point about your political issues with her. That’s all I am saying.

Tariq seemed surprised at Tevin’s response:

So now Tevin Campbell is trying to throw shots?

What you mad at playa?
We can’t ask questions about Kamala Harris’s campaign?
We can’t ask why people are trying to exploit this incident?

Tevin retorted:

YOU are exploiting the incident.

From there…things quickly went left.

Tariq: It is literally TOO EASY for me to roast our brotha Tevin Campbell….So I’m gonna let him get that one off….. I’m gonna chill….But I need y’all to join me in a little twitter prayer circle to rebuke they petty spirit off me…Because I’m fighting it (but the devil is a liar)

Tevin: Yeah you wanna roast “brotha Tevin Campbell” and get all that pinned up homophobia out huh????

Peep the tweets below:









Tevin better turn up in these Twitter streets!

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