Terrence Howard - Miranda Howard divorce doc


Apparently, the split was amicable because Mira accompanied Terrence to court last week.

It’s unclear if Terrence Howard will be able to wiggle out of his 2012 divorce settlement with Michelle, who he claims blackmailed him into agreeing by threatening to release videos of him dancing nude along with recordings of him having phone sex with other women.

Especially after she produced a recording of Terrence professing his love for her after he married Mira.

In the recording Terrence is heard saying, “I will never love someone like I loved you. You are my dream of all time.” When Michelle asked him why he married Mira if he still loved her, Terrence responded, “I’ve got a chance to be okay and to just settle. I have the most brilliant mind in the f- – – ing world.”

Good luck with that, Lucious!


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